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HBBK Men's 2M overcome grudge match

Playing agaist Ammerud is never easy. Both HBBK and Ammerud have a special bond where things can get real tense when they meet. The last time they met this season HBBK was blown away by 20 points withbthe game favouring Ammerud. So the return game at home for HBBK was going to one of their biggest grudge matched of the season.

Before the game Coach Davies stated : " it's always exciting to play Ammerud, you never know what to expect... but I guarantee there will be alot of passion on the floor."

HBBK ended up with the victory 81-77. By losing a 15 point lead earlier in the game to being down by 8 points in the last 5 minutes.

Team captain Omid Rashidi said after the game "It was intense and all about not giving up"

HBBK men now sit in 2nd place in the table with 2 more games to go.

Next home game is against OSI on the 18th March 16:00.

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