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Schlongs Of Skyrim Light Se filmadaw




Nov 18, 2564 BE ACHIEVEMENTS! For anyone who has been using this mod, it should come as no surprise that the long-standing update has finally been completed. Only two days left to do it, and it's probably going to be done sometime before the mod gets even more popular. Feb 15, 2565 BE OK, so I admit that I haven't been doing too well with this project lately. It's been a bad time for me, and I didn't have a lot of motivation to try and get this thing done. However, I've gotten motivated now, and my goal is to complete the update within a few weeks. I'm going to start on something smaller (maybe just one or two objects) to help me learn the new script format, then move on to Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE. Mar 8, 2565 BE Update done! Better than I expected, actually. Just some minor things left to do (some more strings and skin replacements). Apr 17, 2565 BE You'll notice that I've got a new version out. If you're using SOS SE, make sure that you go to the SOS folder in your SKSE directory and overwrite the version of SOS that you have there with this one. Apr 21, 2565 BE Finally, another update! This version includes a complete re-organization of the files and folders, replacing the OLD version of Schlongs of Skyrim. May 4, 2565 BE I've been working on a "naked" version of Schlongs of Skyrim, with no body parts showing. It's currently about 30% complete, but that should cover any problems that anyone had with the previous version. Sep 9, 2566 BE Schlongs of Skyrim SE is on Steam now! Hurray! There's one version of it right now, but there will be two. The current version is the 'SE' version, which uses the Standard Edition Script (which is included in Skyrim Special Edition). There will also be a 'AE' version, which will use the Skyrim Aesthetic edition of the script (which is included in Skyrim Special Edition). Nov 19, 2564 BE Updated with new textures. Also, SSE isn't required. The textures are automatically scaled to SSE's new body physics. Dec 6, 2564 BE Updated the PSP version with a few new textures, a bug




Schlongs Of Skyrim Light Se filmadaw

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